Many methods have been developed over time to make style sheets more manageable. To ensure that selectors only apply where they’re supposed to, some people use a strict naming convention like BEM. Others, rather than relying solely on developer discipline, use a preprocessor like SASS, which uses selector nesting as a means of namespacing.

CSS is a global, inheriting, and cascading language that has historically lacked a module scheme, namespacing, or encapsulation. While some of these features are now available, browser support is frequently missing. Many of these issues are amplified in a micro frontends setting.

Since all CSS rules…

Microservices have gained in popularity in recent years, with many organizations adopting this architectural style to escape the limitations of massive, monolithic backends. Many organizations continue to struggle with monolithic frontend codebases, despite the fact that much has been written about this style of building server-side applications.

Good frontend development is difficult. But more difficult is scaling frontend development so that many teams can work on a huge and complex product at the same time.

There is a recent trend of breaking down frontend monoliths into several smaller, easier to manage, independent applications. …

Mădălina Raicu

Software developer working in fintech. Studied Human-Computer Interaction. Passionate about User Experience and Developer Experience.

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